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You Shoot - The Iron Sheik DVD-R

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The shoot DVD series that hosts the wildest, most provocative names in the business returns with a guest that fits the series to a tee. The Iron Sheik has a wrestling history as rich as his out of the ring antics. And now he has agreed to answer your questions. And man, did you have 'em!

The Sheik takes this one seriously and speaks from the heart, bringing you thoughtful answers, a ton of NEW stories, and the classic YouShoot games will make you cry with laughter.

Join the Iron Sheik, manager Eric Simms, and the YouShoot stars... YOU... for this hilarious edition of the show that revolutionized the industry... YouShoot!

  • FourLoko
  • Zbyszko's body odor
  • What a Dick
  • The Ho Bag
  • Eric Simms
  • Medicine men
  • Verne Gagne
  • Snookie