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Wanted Dead or Alive - Kevin Kelly DVD-R

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On this episode of Wanted Dead or Alive we are getting the WWE Byte This crew back together for an amazing in depth conversation about the thing we all love professional wrestling. Dr. Tom is joined by one of the most recognizable voices to all wrestling fans, the lead announcer for New Japan Pro Wrestling Kevin Kelly. You are going to hear amazing stories from Kevin as he tells you how he first saw wrestling and was influenced by the voice of wrestling announcing legend Gordon Solie.

Kevin has spent time all over the world with all the major wrestling companies from WWE, ROH, and NJPW. You are going to hear all the behind the scenes talk of the WWF Attitude era. KEvin schools Dr. Tom on what is making New Japan Pro Wrestling the hottest wrestling product in the world today. Also for any aspiring wrestling commentators you will want to watch this as Kevin talks about what it takes to be one of the very best at what he does today. Everyone thinks it is so easy to talk about wrestling but after this you will know what it takes.

TRT 1 hour 21 minutes