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Versus Series - Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen DVD-R Set

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Davey Richards & Kevin Steen are quite possible the hottest & most controversial independent wrestlers on the scene today. Both men have done separate interviews with us at but now we are bringing them together for one explosive video release.

This interview was a must on our list after the comments that Davey made about Kevin on his interview. Davey answers and explains why he said things that he said about Kevin. Also, goes into further detail about his actions in the incident in Iowa where he walked out on a promoter.

Both Kevin & Davey talk about their feud in Ring of Honor in great detail. They talk about the parts that worked and the parts failed and why they failed. When Kevin brings up the "Cornette's Boy" comment sit back and watch Davey's mood change.

Davey get extreme personal and in depth when it comes to his relationship with Jim Cornette's, ROH, New Japan and his place in the sport of pro wrestling.

The tone of this interview changes when these two talk about their experiences in PWG, their friendship and when Davey reads tweets from his twitter account that he was unaware of.

It is rare when you find two individuals that have chemistry in and out of the ring well and that's what we have here. So, watch and enjoy Davey Richards versus Kevin Steen.

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