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The Kevin Steen Show with Rich Swann DVD-R

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The Kevin Steen Show with Rich Swann

Sometimes on the Kevin Steen Show we get a chance to shine a light on how remarkable a person is outside the ring and this is one of those times. To a lot of people Rich Swann is the "flippy flippy guy" from DGUSA and PWG, but his athletic talent is just the tip of the iceberg.
As a teenager, Rich found himself living by himself in the ghettos of Baltimore. Instead of making excuses, Rich looked for solutions and found one in Pro Wrestling. In a short period of time, Rich Swann became regarded as one of the best high flyers on the indy scene despite his legit fear of heights.
Eventually, Rich got to travel to Japan and make a name for himself both in wrestling and singing in the streets of Kobe. Speaking of music, we also have a very special bonus on this edition of the Kevin Steen Show. We hunt down a guitar and we let Rich play a few diddys for us including the CZW theme. I know we say it a lot, but we mean it this time, this is a must see episode of the Kevin Steen Show.
Bonus Match

Rich Swann vs. "Man Scout" Jake Manning - PWX - 2/16/14

Total Aprox. Running Time: 2 hr 20 mins