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Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview DVD-R

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In a different era of pro wrestling, only the best ascended to greatness. Three men ruled the world in the AWA, WWE (WWF/WWWF), and the NWA. These men traveled more miles, wrestled more opponents, and have a multitude of stories to tell. It is with great honor that we present you one of these men.A brand-new Shoot Interview with former AWA world heavyweight champion, Nick Bockwinkel.

Bockwinkel is a fascinating interview on several levels. For one, he grew up in a pro wrestling family during the golden age of the business. Two, he is one of the last living people to tell tales about some of wrestling's greatest legends as Nick hung around many classic wrestling greats as a child. Three, Nick's own success as AWA world champion and his many travels in the wrestling business make this a must-see interview.

Nick recounts early memories of traveling with his father Warren Bockwinkel. Nick recounts a great rib played on the legendary Yukon Eric by his father's friends. Nick recounts boat rides and parties with these legendary wrestlers. Nick also recounts a great story about the night Ed "Strangler" Lewis came over for dinner. Nick also talks in depth about the lessons his father taught him in and out of the ring.

Nick then remembers a ton of great stories from his career. There is no shortage of stories about Nick's famous tag team partner Ray "The Crippler" Stevens. Nick talks fondly about Ray in and out of the ring. Nick also talks about some great matches he and Ray had with guys like Larry Hennig and Harley Race. Nick also talks about the pressures he felt working alongside one of the greatest workers of all time.

Nick's rivalry with Verne Gagne in and out of the ring is legendary, and Nick talks all about it here. What did Nick really think of Verne? What was Nick's favorite move he loved to nail Verne with and how did he do it? Were the babyfaces frustrated that Verne kept putting himself over? Did Verne ever shoot on Nick in the ring? Nick also talks about Greg and the pressures on Greg of being Gagne. Nick also gives some great insight on why he thinks the expansion never worked out for Verne.

Nick also talks about some of his most famous opponents. Nick talks extensively about being in the ring with Hulk Hogan. Was Hogan a good worker in Nick's opinion? Could Nick see something in him? Was Nick surprised he left? Does Nick think Hogan should have gotten the AWA belt? Nick also gives his thoughts on the urban legend regarding Verne offering the Iron Sheik $100,000 to break Hogan's leg. Does he think it is true and why does or doesn't he? Nick also talks about wrestling a young Andre the Giant for one hour.

Nick is very candid with his opinions on some of wrestling's most controversial figures. Nick talks about Dusty Rhodes and wrestling Dusty on occasion. Does Nick think Billy Robinson was a bully? What does Nick think of Bruiser Brody and the murder? Nick also weighs in on Stan Hansen and Verne's decision to put him over Rick Martel. Nick also recounts in detail the night Mad Dog Vachon opened the airplane door and what he said to Maurice when the plane went down.

Nick also talks about some of his legendary rivalries. Nick talks about his matches with Curt Hennig and the legendary 60 minute draw. Nick also talks in depth about his rivalry with Jerry Lawle