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You Shoot - Jim Cornette Double DVD-R

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This disc setintended for mature audiences.

You Shoot returns with a special double disc set featuring Jim Cornette!

  • TNA
  • Russo
  • Pilled up Michaels
  • Hardcore Wrestling
  • Memphis and the Jarretts
  • New York
  • Stump Corny
  • The Shit List
  • OVW and SMW

YouShoot returns with what will certainly be its biggest release to date! The King of the Shoot Interview agrees to sit down and sift through all of your questions for nearly four hours! It's truly an event not to be missed by wrestling fans.

In this remarkable edition of the hit show, we start in Jim's early days as a fan and proceed through WCW, WWE, ECW, OVW, TNA and ROH and him Jim with all of your questions on those federations.

And of course, we like to throw in some fun and games of our own... like when Jim plays Stump Corny, attempting to answer your trivia questions. Or perhaps a word association game that is sure to send Cornette's blood pressure higher... The Shit List!

This is a journey through wrestling's major federations by the guy you most love to listen to. And the tour is led by the star of the show... YOU!!!