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You shoot: Chyna DVD-R

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115 minutes

Pro wrestling's "Ninth Wonder of the World" sits down to answer it all...Triple H, Sean Waltman, WWE,'s all here.

In this episode of the popular and uncensored shoot-style DVD series, Chyna disturbingly says of the adult video, "It's something that was done TO me. I call it the rape-tape," she says. Chyna's portayal of the time with Waltman, while never outlaying specific instances, suggests physical abuse and drug-addled rages. It's a segment of the normally light-hearted and fun series, which turns a bit dark. Chyna is visibly disturbed when the topic occasionally steers toward Waltman.
Once beyond the segements which are more difficult for her, namely Waltman and drugs, Chyna is able to have the usual "YouShoot" fun, dropping names in the Ho-Bag and Dick-Bag, and two names which are pretty quick to hit each are Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When presented with Stephanie's name during the Ho-Bag game, she remarks, "Well, that was a pretty ho-move," referring to moving in on her man (at the time) Triple H, and eventually having it lead to Chyna's release from WWE.
Chyna is a woman with a troubled past, riddled with abuse, drugs, suicide attempts, and mental issues. Chyna is heroic in her ability to confront those issues head on, as is seen in this "YouShoot." She wears a positive, upbeat outlook and posits her recent foray into adult film with an exclusive contract with Vivid Video, as one of the reasons for her recovery and a doorway to her new life. One with revulentation. And hope.