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Wanted Dead or Alive - Crimson DVD-R

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On this episode of "Wanted Dead or Alive," Dr. Tom sits down with Crimson for his first ever on camera interview. The guys go through everything from being a childhood fan all the way to today with Crimson in GFW. Crimson has a legit military background as a military police officer. Find out how on a daily basis what it was like serving overseas and being shot at everyday during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his military time Crimson joined the ranks of the professional wrestling world by finding a wrestling school by googling how to be a pro wrestler.

After making a name for himself on the southeast indies, find out how Crimson got his big break working for TNA. Dr. Tom and Crimson dive into every run with TNA/IMPACT/GFW that Crimson has had.

Hear about the struggles of injuries and trying to standout while going to OVW and about his new tag team, Veterans of War. Did you know Crimson was a wrestling promoter? Hear all about Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling and how it all came about. Plus so much more!!!

Bonus Match

- Crimson vs. Hoodrich (NGW TN)

TRT 90 minutes