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Vince Russo Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of wrestling's most controversial figures sat downfor this exclusive Shoot Interview. Some call him a genius, many say he ruined the wrestling business, either way everyone has an opinion of Vince Russo. Now Russo finally gives his side of the story and answers his critics. Why does he book the way he does? What was it like to work in WWE during its biggest success period? How was he involved in the downfall of WCW? He talks about all this plus gives the inside scoop on life in NWA TNA. Whether you love him or hate him, you'll know what goes on inside Vinnie Ru's head after this Shoot Interview. Here is a list of topics discussed:

-Growing up as a wrestling fan
-How he first got into the business
-His first contact with Vince McMahon
-His first job with WWE
-How he started as a writer for WWE
-What shows & parts he was initially writing for
-What wreslter he learned a lot from & which we difficult to deal with
-Thoughts on Vince's work ethic
-How Bill Watts helped him
-Talks about the politics involved with writing wrestling
-Who was on the writing committee for Watts
-Talks about what WWE had to do to keep up with WCW
-Talks about his discussions with Vince concerning how to handle them
-Ideas he gave Vince to improve the product
-Talks about the Stone Cold gimmick for Austin
-Talks about some of the ideas that paid off well
-What some of the wrestlers thought about his idea
-His goals when he started
-How he came up with gimmicks for wrestlers
-What it was like working with The Rock
-His relationship with Mick Foley -How his relationship with the McMahon's changed over time
-Talks about a typical writers meeting in WWE
-Booking PPV's compared to TV
-Thoughts on the decision to start Smackdown
-Was he writing for both
-How much editing Vince McMahon did to his writing
-What Vince McMahon did to help his writing
-Why he left WWE
-Why Ed Ferrera left with him
-How he was contacted by WCW
-How he told Mcmahon he was leaving
-What he thought would happen to WWE when he left
-Was it hard making the transition from WWE to WCW
-Talks about the backstage politics in WCW
-His goals when he started there
-Talks about the Hogan-Sting angle
-The angle where Ed Ferrera was mocking Jim Ross
-Did he get any heat from the wreslters in WCW for doing it
-What Russo thinks of Jim Cornette
-Thoughts on the internet
-Russo's reaction to people saying he killed the business
-Talks about where the David Flair-Stacy Keibler preganancy angle was going
-Reason for the Goldberg heel turn
-Talks about the hair vs. hair match with Ric Flair
-Reason for putting the belt on David Arquette & who initially suggested the idea
-What other guys on the booking committee thought
-Russo's thoughts on whether it hurt the business or not
-Thoughts on the buyrates of WCW dropping
-Why Russo left WCW the first time
-Working with Eric Bischoff
-Talks about wanting to put the WCW Title on Tank Abbott
-How tough were standards and practices when he returned
-If he had any contact with Vince McMahon once WCW folded
-How he got involved with NWA TNA
-Initial impression of TNA
-Thoughts on having a weekly PPV
-How his relationship changed with the Jarrett