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Vampiro Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Professionally filmed and packaged.

Vampiro details his career and holds NOTHING back as he shoots on promoters, wrestlers, and others associated with the wrestling business. Includes bonus footage of Vampiro in action.

If there's one shoot you can't miss, it's this one!

Vampiro discusses his start in wrestling by setting up rings in Canada, moving to L.A. and how he became an overnight sensation in Mexico. What was Mexico like? What were his memories of working with names like Canek, Konnan and Norman Smiley? How long did bad blood between him and Konnan last? What were his memories of Art Barr? Vampiro not only talks about Barr's drug problems but his own drug problems.

Why couldn't he get a job in the U.S? What happened when he called ECW? He talks about his endless problems in the WCW.

He also speaks about his Japanese work including a hilarious story about working Toshiaki Kawada.

Vampiro speaks his mind about the likes of the Internet and people who are on it. These comments are worth buying the video on those comments alone.

Finally, why doesn't he think he would fit into the current WWE.