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Vampiro - Another Nail in the Coffin Double DVD-R

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Double DVD-R version

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Almost nine years ago the owner of, Michael Bochicchio was struggling in the shoot interview market. That was until Michael sat down and turned on the camera on Vampiro.'s interview with Vampiro jumped to the front of line and hasn't looked back.
Most importantly though, a friendship has formed between Vampiro and Michael. Both men have experienced ups  and downs in pro wrestling over the past several years but they have always kept in contact over the years. So, what better time than now for a follow up interview with the man who put Interview Series on the map and he doesn't disappoint. 
From his jump to AAA to the challenges of Wrestling Society X to his thoughts on the deaths of his friends and much more. Although the thing that makes this interview a ground-breaking interview is Vampiro's account of his numerous kidnappings in Mexico.  The story of his third kidnapping that happened on his birthday just before Triplemania XVIII is the best story we have on tape in video library.
Just like the first interview Vampiro: Another Nail In The Coffin is a must see!!!!!

  • Catching Up With An Old Friend
  • WWE In Mexico
  • Konnan
  • Wrestling Society X
  • Angel, Devil, Hero
  • Deaths In Wrestling
  • My 3 Kidnappings
  • Calling It Quits
  • JCW & The Future
Approx. Running Time: 2 hrs 30 mins