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Timeline of WCW 1989 - Jim Cornette DVD

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The Timeline of WCW in the year 1989 as told by Jim Cornette!

It's January 1989 and significant changes are coming for WCW. There would soon be a change in bookers with Dusty headed out. Jim Herd is taking the helm as Executive Vice President of the company and within a year a series of confounding decision would result in damaged ratings, confusion in creative, a nearly empty Superdome, Ding-Dongs and a disappointing Bash tour.

Jim Cornette returns to the Timeline series and now takes you inside the WCW in 1989. He's brought along all his paperwork from the company that year... TV formats, ratings reports, journal entries... for a ride that's as entertaining as it is informative. It's Classic Corny as he takes us back to a time in WCW that has to be heard to be believed!