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Timeline of WCW 1991 - Barry Windham DVD

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The shoot-style series Timeline brought the inner workings of the WWE and ECW to the historians out there. And now the series has spun-off again as the spotlight is shone on WCW.

From the Crockett days in the mid-80s up to its purchase in 2001, the WCW was the staunchest competitor, igniting the famed Monday Night Wars. But in this edition we take you back to times that weren't so glorious. Four Horseman member Barry Windham travels back to 1991 with us as we look some odd booking decisions and the period in the business between the glorious 80s and the high octane 90s.

- Flair leaves with the belt
- Jim Herd's reign
- Dusty returns to booking
- Barry the Horseman
- Oz debuts
- Chamber of Horrors

Plus more!