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Timeline of WCW 1985 - Magnum TA DVD-R

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Before taking on the identity of WCW, Jim Crockett Promotions would get great national exposure on WTBS after buying the slot from Vince McMahon for $1 million. Their stars were now stars all over the country, and our guest for this edition was becoming the biggest babyface in the company.

Magnum TA had just arrived from Mid South and was taking the territory by storm, heading toward the US Title and becoming the #1 challenger for Flair. He'd feud with Tully, battle Flair, and help JCP begin its transition to what would become known as WCW. 1985 is the first year in our journey, so come along and join Magnum and hear abou the red hot year that would propel the copmany into a decade and a half wide ride.

-Facing Tully

-Dusty's booking

-Going national

-R n R Express

-Party on a plane


-Baby Doll

...and MORE!