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Timeline of WCW 1993 - Vader DVD-R

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Two organizations, two Heavyweight titles, dipping business and a whole lot of confusion comes to the WCW in 1993. Now you can head back there as well with our tour guide Vader, who was holding the WCW title. Sure, there was to be an NWA champion during this time as well, but Vader's title was the WCW title which carried more weight...didn't it?

In this year we will hear of Eric Bischoff's ascension, prepping Hogan's return, Dusty's booking and Flair's booking as the Nature Boy returned to WCW TV. In this year Vader changed the game as he became the first 400-pounder to hit a moonsault and set records in Japan while holding the WCW belt.

IT'S TIME...IT'S TIME... For another trip back in the WCW with the one and only Vader!