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Timeline of ECW 1996 - Raven DVD

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The Timeline of ECW 1996 as told by Raven!

Some say it was the pinnacle of the entire ECW movement. It was the year 1996 and the company was all wrestling fans could talk about. The crew of misfits and rebels were becoming stars and to hear this current guest describe it... the life of excess would mark '96 as one of the "lost years." But Raven remembers enough to take you inside the renegade federation in this explosive year of 1996.

  • Barbed Wire 
  • Dating the Valets 
  • Pitbull's neck 
  • The Third Company 
  • Building the Flock 
  • Sandman's family 
  • Terry Gordy 
  • Getting ready for PPV 
  • Jericho debuts 
  • Finding Kimona