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Terry Funk Shoot Interview Double DVD-R

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One of the true legends in professional wrestling, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk!

Conducted in 2002.

Funk answered everything open and honestly. Once again Funk proved that he is one of the greatest wrestling minds ever!!! Funk had a lot to talk about and in typical Terry Funk fashion he held nothing back. Funk is not only one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he is one of the greatest wrestling minds. Funk talks about many topics and gives some thoughtful insight to the business today. Hey, this is Terry Funk talking so you better pay attention!!!

  • His health
  • Why his tag team with Bradshaw didnt work out.
  • Is he happy with how he left WWE for the final time?
  • How did he leave things with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross?
  • Funk discusses making contact with Paul Heyman and returning to ECW.
  • Did Heyman make good on previous promises?
  • Was ECW different when he returned?
  • Funk goes into the angle he was doing with Tommy Dreamer.
  • The changes ECW underwent when it went on TNN.
  • Contacting hepatitis when in ECW.
  • Was it serious?
  • How did Heyman react?
  • Where the any plans to work with Dusty Rhodes in ECW?
  • Funk explains why the angle with Dreamer was never finished.
  • Funk talks about his retirement match vs. Sabu in Canada in 1999.
  • Why he returned.
  • Teaming with his brother in FMW.
  • The details on going to WCW.
  • How did the younger WCW guys treat him?
  • His impressions on Vince Russo.
  • Funk compares the WCW and WWE locker rooms.
  • Funk goes into the politics in WCW.
  • He talks about the heat he had with Hulk Hogan.
  • Wrestling Bret Hart in his last WCW match.
  • How did the concussion affect Bret in the ring?