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Terri Runnels Shoot Interview Double DVD-R

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Finally, The Horny She-Devil sits down for an interview with Highspots. Terri opened up to her fans for 3.5 hours while enjoying a full bottle of wine and a plate of cheese.

Here was a list of questions we used going into the interview with Terri Runnels. I would say 95% of these questions were asked/covered and of course there were follow up questions to her answers that are not in the description below.

  • You have been strongly opposed to doing one of these shoot interviews, is it only because you feel like you'll disappoint if you don't say negative things about some of your friends?
  • Who were some of the celebrities you met working for CNN?
  • How familiar were you with wrestling before you started working with Turner as a makeup artist?
  • Did every WCW wrestler hit on you?
  • Is this how you met Brian Pillman and when you starting dating?
  • Exactly how did they ask you to become a member of WCW and stop doing makeup, there are conflicting stories that is was Ole or Dusty that noticed you?
  • First impressions of Dusty and Ole?
  • Did you have any previous film/acting experience?

    Questions on Alexandra York:
  • How comfortable were you originally in front of a camera on a wrestling show?
  • Who's idea was the name and what significance did it have?
  • Who helped you originally in creating the character?
  • When Mike Rotunda debuted as VK Wallstreet, it was quickly dropped - why?
  • What did you think of the entire York Foundation concept and, looking back, do you think it was ever full realized?
  • Did you know at the time what a big deal it was for Morton to turn on Robert Gibson?
  • Thoughts/Memories of: Michael Wallstreet, Terrance Taylor, Richard Morton, and Thomas Rich
  • What led to the end of the York Foundation gimmick?
  • When did you starting dating Dustin? Any problems because you dated Brian previously?
  • There was a rumour that Michael Wallstreet left due to a disagreement with Ole, what are your memories of what happened contributing to Wallstreet leaving so quickly?
  • First impressions of Ric Flair and did you know of his legendary partying reputation when you met him?
  • First thoughts on Sting, Lex Luger, Ron Simmons, Michael Hayes, Steiners
  • How did you first meet Dustin?
  • Had you dated anyone else in the business prior to Dustin
  • What was Dusty's reaction?
  • How did the split between the two wear on Dustin?
  • Why do you think it took so long for them to reconcile?
  • What led to you leaving WCW?
  • Did you leave TV because you wanted to start a family?

  • What were you doing before you returned to an on camera role with WWF?
  • Who's idea was it to return to wrestling?
  • What did you learn from your WCW time that you used with this new character?
  • Who came up with the Marlena name?
  • How was the Goldust/Marlena tandem pitched to you and what were your first thoughts?
  • Vince McMahon is known to detest smoking, so how did Marlena end up smoking cigars?

    Marlena with Goldust
  • Describe working with your husband on the road
  • Were there other wrestling couples at the time on the road together in contrast with the boys network?
  • How strange is it to "leave behind" his character when the show is over and be a normal sexually active husband/wife?
  • Did you and Dustin ever have any crazy fan reactions whil