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The Kevin Steen Show with Drake Younger DVD-R

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The Kevin Steen Show
with Drake Younger

On this episode of The Kevin Steen Show, be prepared to get blasted with PMA (positive mental attitude) across your head, hitting you as hard as a King of the Death Match Tournament light bulb. Whether you are a fan of his death matches from IWA Mid South and Combat Zone Wrestling, or you're a PWG fan (And we know that you are) who loves this underdog's amazing story, this interview covers it all.

We discuss all the major points in Drake's career and through the magic of's video library, you will get to see those moments that have made Drake one of the top independent wrestlers in the world today. Find out why he said goodbye to a life of death matches and hello to a West Coast PMA

At certain times during this interview, Drake's positivity is almost too much for himself to handle. So, if your having a bad day and you're a miserable bastard, be warned that Drake's happiness is contagious. Maybe not as contagious as malaria or as bad as malaria, but you will be smiling when this edition of The Kevin Steen Show with Drake Younger is over, and probably chanting DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE

Aprox. Running time: 2 hours 5 mins