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The Kevin Steen Show with Nigel McGuinness DVD-R

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Normally when a guest on The Kevin Steen Show sees the Kane Mask on set, it is always a great ice breaker, and Nigel McGuinness is no exception. Unlike all the other guests, the sight of the Kane Mask brings up a extremely low point in Nigel's life were he was forced to dress up like Kane himself on a tour in England. Somehow this story didn't make the cut on Nigel's great documentary, "The Last of McGuinness".

Speaking of Nigel's documentary, Kevin digs even further into Nigel's thought process behind the project and some of the powerful issues that it brought up. Kevin even does some personal inventory of his own about his feelings on success and failure. Luckily for these searching souls, this episode was filmed on a couch that may or may nothave been in a psychiatrist's office before it landed in Nigel's swank LA apartment.

Anyways, we hope you are ready watch Steen dig deep into Nigel's psyche of our "mate" and yours, NigelMcGuinness on The Kevin Steen Show. Cheers!

Approx. Running Time: 2 hrs. 50 mins.