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The Kevin Steen Show with Matt Hardy DVD-R

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The Kevin Steen Show with Matt Hardy
If you would have told a 15 year old Kevin Steen that one day he would wrestle Matt Hardy, he may not have believed you. So, lets just call this the Surreal Edition of The Kevin Steen Show because sitting across from Kevin is none other than Matt Hardy himself.
Matt is one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling today. Some people are huge Hardy fans and some of the "smart" fans hates everything he stands for in wrestling. Kevin explores this strange dichotomy throughout the interview and its seems to be one of the recurring themes.
It's also the first time Matt Hardy has opened up, on camera, since his recent battle with personal demons that took him off national TV. His admissions and self responsibility is both humbling and refreshing to hear. Whether you love me or hate him Matt Hardy on The Kevin Steen Show is a must see interview.
Bonus Match

Matt Hardy vs. Kevin Steen - PWX - Evil Twist of Fate - 10/5/12
Aprox. Running Time: 2 hours 20 mins