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The Kevin Steen Show with Adam Cole DVD-R

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The Kevin Steen Show with Adam Cole - 2 Disc Set

So, we did this "AMAZING" interview with Adam Cole and before we could release our interview every shoot interview company released their own Adam Cole Shoot Interview. Well instead of flooding the market with another Adam Cole Shoot Interview we decided to put Adam on The Kevin Steen Show. Because much like Jay-Z if you just put Kevin Steen on the track it will be a hit. Kevin wasn't the only big gun that pulled out for this interview. A half awake $5 Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Freight Train randomly walks in from the other room where he was sleeping on to the interview set. It took a lot but with full confidence we at can say this is a MUST SEE Adam Cole Interview.

Also included in this 2 disc set is the interview that was "TOO GOOD TO BE RELEASED" and bonus matches

Bonus Matches Include:

  1. Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan - CZW "Best of the Best X" (4/9/11)
  2. Adam Cole vs. Caleb Konley - PWX "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger 2" (11/30/12)
  3. Adam Cole vs. Caleb Konley - PWX "Rise of a Champion 8" (02/24/13)