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The Kevin Steen Show with Davey Richards DVD-R

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Every time Davey Richards sits down in front of a camera, there is usually a follow up phone call from his current management cringing from its aftermath. The good news is we expect nothing different this time around.
Our original sit down with Kevin and Davey (known then as VERSUS) actually gave birth to the Kevin Steen show. Just when you thought everything was all warm and fuzzy with the American Wolf, he somehow has managed to ruffle old feathers once again. From the NXT try outs, outspoken opinions about ROH that made even Kevin Steen uneasy, to his very recent TNA Wrestling debut, Davey has a lot of explaining to do!

This interview was conducted on January 17th, 2014
Aprox. Running Time: 1 hour 23 mins
Bonus Matches
Davey Richards vs. Kyle Matthews - PWX - Country Strong - 1/17/14
Davey Richards vs. Corey Hollis - PWX - Taken By Force - 1/18/14
Davey Richards vs. Rich Swann - PWX - Debut - 1/19/14
Aprox. Running Time: 50 mins