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The Kevin Steen Show with Tommaso Ciampa DVD-R

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The Kevin Steen Show with Tommaso Ciampa

Tomato? Tommaso? Same thing. The only difference is Tommaso packs one heck of a punch, just ask anyone who grew up with him.

In this episode of The Kevin Steen Show we sit down with The Sicilian Psychopath, Tommaso Ciampa. We discuss everything from grade school fights with other kids, to middle school fights with other kids, to high school fights with other kids. All the important issues are covered with the man who is lovely nicknamed, Dumb Ass Tomato.

When we finally get around to talking about wrestling, it starts very positive but turns sour very quickly. Tommaso quickly went from being on Smackdown with the Undertaker to hating life in OVW. The Art of Wrestling podcast covered the dark times that followed, but we get into the comeback that is now in full swing for Tommaso. The Sicilian Psychopath's interview on The Kevin Steen Show is one of our best because crazy people aren't so Fn boring.