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The Kevin Steen Show with Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini DVD-R

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Double Feature - The Uncut Connection Edition

of The Kevin Steen Show with Jimmy Jacobs & Truth Martini

The world of wrestling has been ruled by many backstage cliques such as The Kliq and... The Kliq. Look out wrestling promoters, there is a new band of brothers that are looking to run rough shot all over your promotion, and their name is The Uncut Connection. They are making their intentions known loud and clear on this very special edition of The Kevin Steen Show.
Jimmy Jacobs starts things off by talking about elbow dropping people's gear bags through a table, collecting alcoholic drinks from fans, and a concept that has been floating around the ROH locker room for years known as, "New Guy Heat".
In order to wrap this whole thing up, Truth Martini steps onto set and discusses the origins of The Uncut Connection ( It's slightly shorter than Wolverine's origin story if you get my point). Truth Martini goes on to explain why he is such a charmer with the ladies, abundantly clear whilereenacting a scene from Starrcade 88. Also, Truth talks about the time The Uncut Connection took on the NWO.
The Kevin Steen Show with Jimmy Jacobs

Aprox. Running Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

The Kevin Steen Show with Truth Martini

Aprox. Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes