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Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) Shoot Interview DVD-R

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"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Sweet" Stan Lane will go down as one of the greatest tag teams in history as The Midnight Express. These two legends perfected and revolutionized the art of tag team precision wrestling. This hall of fame duo give all the information and behind the scenes stories of The Midnight Express in this shoot interview. It's all covered here from their careers before The Midnights to everything about teaming up with each other to what they have done in recent years. Bobby and Stan start out by talking about their careers before they started to tag together. Here is what Bobby Eaton discussed:

-Eaton takes you inside all the Southern territories where he worked.
-Talks about working with Jerry Lawler in Memphis.
-Discusses being hardcore before hardcore became a staple in wrestling.
-Early days with Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart.
-Bobby gives the scoop on all the Memphis legends.
-Going to Mid-South and forming the Midnight Express with Dennis Condry and Jim Cornette.
-Mid-South territory with Bill Watts.
-The old-school travel schedule.
-The beginning of the Midnight Express vs. RocknRoll Express feud.
-Moving on to NWA.
-The continuation of the feud with the RocknRolls in NWA.
-Opinions on Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and the rest of the legendary NWA stars.
-The circumstances that made Dennis Condry leave NWA and The Midnight Express.
-Eaton as a single in WCW and his tag team with Arn Anderson in the Dangerously Alliance.
-The rise of WCW.
-Did Bobby feel he was treated badly by WCW?
-Bobby discusses being a trainer in OVW and Memphis. Here is what Stan Lane talks about:
-Early days in the Carolinas.
-How did Ric Flair get him started in wrestling?
-Stan covers all the early territories in which he saw action.
-All the details on being half of the Fabulous Ones in Memphis.
-Lane gives his opinion of Steve Keirn.
-Opinion of the two other hot babyface tag teams in The RocknRolls and Fantastics.
-Talks about their ahead of the times music video.
-Lots of info on the Fabulous Ones vs. Moondogs feud.
-Traveling to Florida and the AWA.
-Going to SMW with Jim Cornette as part of the Heavenly Bodies.
-Why did he quit SMW?
-Stint with WWF as an announcer.
-Hosting a racing boat program on ESPN.
This is what Stan & Bobby talked about together:
-How Stan got involved with The Midnight Express.
-They discuss how the RocknRoll matches were different with the new Midnight Express.
-The departure of Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson before their big feud with the Midnights.
-Opinion of the downfall of the NWA.
-Why did they break up?
-They both talk about lots more