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I'm with Spud... Robbie E DVD-R

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Rockstar Spud is back and this time he has one half of the Bro Mans, Robbie E. On I'm with Spud… Robbie E this is the first time ever Robbie sits down and talks about everything on camera. Find out why Spud classifies Robbie as "the most carny, disgusting, foul mouth, worst human being on the planet." Dive deep into why Robbie E. is a thieve. What does he steal during the show? How many times has he stolen from Cracker Barrel? Who taught Robbie his thieving ways? You'll have to watch to find out.

Oh and there is some wrestling talk as well as much more mate.

Topics Include:

Treehouse Dressing Rooms
EC3 and Robbie's Podcast
the Platinum Papa
Spud's Wee Wee
Say water, Say garage
Dan Spively

I'm with Spud…Robbie E and so should you!!!