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I'm with Spud... Blue Meanie DVD-R

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Sitting next to Rockstar Spud on this edition of "I'm with Spud" it is ECW original Blue Meanie and this is a laugh out loud conversation between two old friends.

You think you know Meanie, who he is, and what he has done in wrestling but in this conversation you hear about all the nastiness and how they use to crank it in the good old days. There is even a food tasting challenge.

Did you know Blue Meanie worked for ECW? They talk about that as well.

Topics Include Great Uncle Al Ghost of Meanie Fart's Past Cranking it Old School Fart-A-Mania Donald Trump's wrestling credentials Mr. T's momma $10 Gene Hackman bWo Emilio Estevez Look-A-Like Being related to Seth Rollins