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Jimmy Snuka Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The Superfly revolutionized wrestling and changed it forever with his high-flying ability. Everyone from the most hardcore fan to people who don't even follow wrestling know the name Jimmy Snuka. This legend came todiscuss his entire career in this shoot interview.

-His start in the business.
-His body building career.
-The scoop on the territories he worked early in his career.
-Details on working Mid-Atlantic.
-What was it like working with Roddy Piper, Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat in Mid-Atlantic?
-Snuka takes you on his tours of All Japan.
-He gives all the details on the famous 1981 match with Bruiser Brody vs. The Funks where Stan Hansen made his surprise debut.
-Did he like working in Japan.
-His run in WWF.
-Memories of the cage match vs. Bob Backlund.
-Memories of the steel cage match vs. Don Muraco and the famous dive off the top of the cage.
-Of course he talks about coconut angle and feud with Roddy Piper.
-Thoughts on Vince McMahon.
-Thoughts on Hulk Hogan.
-Comments on the George Washington Motor Lodge incident.
-Why was he the only corner man at Wrestlemania 1?
-Why did he leave WWF?
-Was there heat with Vince McMahon?
-Opinion of the AWA and going back to Japan.
-Life on the independent scene.
-Opinion of WCW match vs. Chris Benoit
-Reasons why he is still able to make a living in wrestling.