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Sid Vicious Shoot Interview Vol. 2 DVD-R

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Former multiple time WWE, WCW World Heavyweight Champion
The Master of the Powerbomb
The Skyscraper
The Millennium Man
The Psycho One
The Man Who Rules The World

In a single word: Sid

Has it really been ten long years since Sid Vicious sat down for an exclusive shoot interview. Well, he's back and we got Sid to finally breaks his silence on what happened when he broke his leg in one of the most hideous looking accidents in WCW. This interview picks up right where our last interview left off and we cover Sid's career to date, and trust us, it was a huge homerun. Fans of quality shoots are going to love this one! We talked about Sid's arrival into the heart of extreme when he joined ECW. Sid went in-depth concerning his thoughts on everything ECW including, Paul Heyman, working with Bubba and the backstage environment. We get the full answer on how Sid wound up back in WCW and whether or not there were any further issues with WCW agent Arn Anderson. We get all the dirt on the backstage drama in WCW and WWE including the alleged failed steroid test in 1992.

We know you want to hear about all the stars and Sid delivers in a big way. Sid talked about being teamed with Randy Savage and what it was like to work with Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Hall, Chris Benoit, Terry Funk, Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger and many, many more. Sid gives his thoughts on Vince Russo, the problems he had with working with guys such as Scott Steiner and Ultimate Warrior, putting over Chris Benoit the night before the Crippler quit WCW, why WCW went out of business, and why Sid never signed with TNA along with many other topics, As a main event star in every promotion he's been in ? including ECW, WCW, and WWE during the '90s - Sid has been around just about every big name in the business and has no problem dishing the dirt! As an exciting bonus, we got Sid to talk about the new Four Horseman DVD and you won't believe what he has to say on the comments made by Ric Flair! This is one DVD everyone will be talking about!