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Crash Holly Shoot Interview DVD-R

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24 hours a day... 7 days a week...

He was hardcore at the peak of WWE's popularity.

Mike Lockwood, Crash's real name, started as a small kid with a big desire to wrestle.

Lockwood talks about getting started in the San Francisco area in 1989, and how he struggled through the first years of his career.

How did he start with All Pro Wrestling? Lockwood discusses his relationship with Donovan Morgan and Mike Modest and as well as meeting promoter Roland Alexander. Lockwood admits that Alexander looked good in the movie Beyond the Mat, and discusses how he is worse than what you see in the movie.

Lockwood talks about his journey across the country to try to make it in ECW. How did Tazz, the Dudleys and other treat him? Why was his stay so short?

How did he get a tryout with the WWE? How did he spend his time in Memphis and Mexico before debuting on TV? Why did he completely hate Mexico, and why did the WWE send him there in the first place?

What did Bob Holly first think when they told him they were giving him a cousin? How did the two became friends? What did Lockwood think of when Bob brutalized Matt Cappotelli during Tough Enough 3?

How did 24/7 come about? What was his favorite 24/7 match? Were any of the ideas his? How was the end of the Wrestlemania 2000 messed up?

Lockwood talks about his reign as WWE Lightweight Champion, and how he was disappointed not to take place in Wrestlemania X-7.

What does he think of the theory that Vince McMahon only favors his own, and those coming from WCW and ECW have a hard time making it? Which wrestlers does he respect?