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Roddy Piper Shoot Interview Double DVD-R

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Comes complete with hardcase and color cover!

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Where the book ends...the video begins!

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper ismore than a legend in pro wrestling.Living his wrestling career on his own terms and in doing so becoming the ICON of pro wrestling. Piper tells ofhis humble beginnings as a 15-yr old scrapper on the streets playing the bagpipes to earn money to eat, perfecting his persona in Portland, and then becoming a true "commodity" in the Carolinas.

Piper sits with to discuss in great length the "sickness" that is part of pro wrestling... what it is, how you are infected, and how to recover from it. This section of the exclusive shoot interview is a huge expansion from Chapter 12 of the must read book by Piper, "In the Pit with Piper."

This exclusive interview does not rehash what has already been written in Piper's book or what was talked about in other interviews. It picks up what is left out of the book and also addresses a lot of the feedback Piper has received from his book tour.

Roddy Piper also discusses some of his early years and how he ended up in a small town in Canada and how that town brought about his future wrestling career.

  • Who really broke Roddy into the business?
  • Who are the promoters Roddy respected? You'll be surprised to hear who doesn't make this list! And wait until you hear about all the ones that don't!!!
  • The shoot that occured live on Georgia Championship Wrestling with Gordon Solie!
  • HowRoddy turned down his first chance to wrestle in MSG!
  • Going from on top to blackballed... twice!
  • Leaving the Carolinas for the WWF... what happened and the surprisingrole Jim Crockett had in it all
  • FRATS - Roddy talks about all his fallen brothers, life on the road, and just why all these deaths have happened. Including comments on Miss Elizabeth.
  • Shocking comments about Curt Henning's deathand the exploitation of it that you will not find anywhere else!!!
  • Vince McMahon - the devil incarnate? You'll be amazed at some of the comments about the McMahon family...
  • How Vince McMahon cheated wrestlers out of their pay
  • How Bad News Brown dissed Piper following Piper's body painting following Wrestlemania 6
  • Steroid usage - what, when, and why
  • His current stint with the WWE, and how things are different in his life this time.
  • Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer - Roddy gets ROWDY like you won't ever believe!!! You think he cuts loose on the Honky Tonk Man (and he does)... youhaven't seen anythinguntil you see this!
  • Piper goes in depth about his appearance on NWA TNA in late 2002. He talks about his relationship with Vince Russo from the WCW through today. He talks about what was scripted and what wasn't. He talks about how the deal was planned and why he never appeared again.
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