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Sherri Martel Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Sherri Marteldiscusses her entire career in professional wrestling. She talks about before, during and after working in WWF then going to WCW. She emotionally discusses drugs in the business and how bad they affected her life and career. Listen to Sherri go in depth detail of everything she's seen and done over the years. 

  • Did you play sports growing up? 
  • Earliest memories of being a wrestling fan? 
  • Did you train at all before you went to Moolahs? 
  • How did you go about tracking down Moolah? 
  • What was the training like 
  • Was there any kind of abuse at the camp 
  • What do you know about Billy Wolfe 
  • Have you ever seen the Gaea Girls/Chigusa Nagayo documentary and if so how can you compare the training 
  • What was the best advice Moolah ever gave you 
  • Once you started working were you prepared for the sexual harrassment that came with the job
  • Early memories of working as a young girl in Japan, differences in there and here 
  • Thoughts on being managed by Jim Cornette early in your early career 
  • Initial impressions of Verne Gagne 
  • Were you overwhelmed to be working in front of a big crowd at Super Clash 
  • How did the crew feel about Wrestlerock? Were they excited, just another show, or think Verne was out of his mind? 
  • Thoughts on your series with Candi Devine 
  • Did Candi ever try and recruit you for Apartment Wrestling 
  • Did Verne change at all after Wrestlerock? 
  • How did the decision come about to put you as a manager of Rose and Somers 
  • Did Verne ever outright complain about Hogan or McMahon 
  • How did you handle the initial success personally of being on the road and a player on a national television show 
  • Early memories of Shawn