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Sam Houston Shoot Interview DVD-R

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What is it like to drive across the country with one of wrestling's most powerful men? What is it like to toss back beers and listen to stories from the legends? What is it like to be in the ring with one of the greatest of all-time in his prime? Sam Houston has the stories and he shares them with us in this Shoot Interview.

Sam Houston is known by wrestling fans for a variety of reasons. For one, he was married to one of the most gorgeous women in pro wrestling. Another would be that he is part of one of wrestling's most controversial families. Another reason may be his brushes with the law. Or, maybe you watched Sam Houston wrestle every Saturday on NWA World Wide Wrestling or TBS? Regardless, Sam has one hell of a story to tell and he covers it all in this shoot.

Sam talks about growing up as the son of Grizzly Smith and brother of Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Sam addresses all of the accusations Jake made about his father in Beyond the Mat. How much of it was true? Was Sam kayfabed by his father? How close was he with his brother? What did it take for his father to break him into the business? Sam picks up where Jake left off in this shoot interview.

Sam also talks about working the legendary territories. Sam talks about his days in Florida Championship Wrestling. Sam talks all about the legends like Dusty, Sullivan, Mulligan, and Graham. What was it like to be in such a hot territory at such a young age? What did he learn and who taught him the most?

Sam has some classic stories about one of wrestling's most polarizing figures, Dusty Rhodes. Sam traveled with Dusty and has a ton of great road stories. Sam tells an absolute classic never told before here or anywhere else. Sam rode with Dusty after Dusty's interview with Jim Crockett. Dusty didnt think it went well and what happens next is worth the price of the shoot alone. What happened and how did the Dream wind up with a lot of egg on his face?

Sam also talks about working for Jim Crockett Promotions at the height of its success. What was it like to wrestle Ric Flair in his prime? What was it like to party with the Horsemen? Sam talks about all of his legendary opponents including Abdullah the Butcher, Tully Blanchard, and Superstar Graham. How did so much potential get wasted by placed in Central States? Sam has some great stories.

Sam also talks about his romance with Baby Doll. How did it start? How did the boys react? How did wrestling impact their relationship over the years? Was it a good or a bad thing being in the business together? How did Sams job cost Baby Doll a spot? What went wrong and how did things end so badly between the tw o? Did any bookers jealousy cost Sam a push?

Sam also talks all about his brother Jake. Are they close? Was there ever an attempt to use their relationship together in the WWF? Sam talks about Jake's psychology and where it comes from. Did his brother ever get him a break? What does he think of his brother today? What did he think of his brothers portrayal in Beyond the Mat?

Sam also addresses his demons and is very outspoken about his problems with alcohol. Does he think it is hereditary? How does his problems compare to his brother Jake's? Did it ever cost him a job? What happened when he received a 10-year jail sentence a few years back and how is he not in jail? Sam talks openly about al