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The Ric and Roddy Roundtable DVD

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Professional wrestling is filled with numerous legendary personalities but arguably no two are more infamous than "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. is thrilled to announce the Ric & Roddy Roundtable as we sat both men down for a no holds barred discussion about the state of the wrestling industry. This goes beyond a shoot interview as you get two unique perspectives on the entire pro wrestling landscape in 2009 from two of its all time most charismatic stars. The comraderie between these two lifelong friends is the true star of this DVD as they give their honest thoughts on a variety of topics. We specifically asked for brand new, never before told or published stories and both men delivered making this perhaps the most informative shoot interview of 2009 so far!

We talked extensively about WrestleMania 25 and the WWE Hall of Fame. Pros and cons of the selection process, should there be a specific criteria for being inducted? Are there people in the hall of fame who don't belong? Both men also talk about the honor of their own inductions with never before told insight. Both legends also discuss their involvement at the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania. Were they happy with the finish to the Legends vs. Jericho match? What was the atmosphere like backstage at one of the biggest shows in company history? What did they think of Mickey Rourke's involvement and was he respectful of the legends or not? This segued into both men weighing in on the Academy Award nominated film The Wrestler. What was missing in the film and what both men did and DIDN'T like about the movie. Piper and Flair also give their take on celebrity involvement in wrestling, from Mr. T through Mickey Rourke and even Snoop Dogg!

The state of the wrestling industry in 2009 is talked about at great length by two of wrestling's biggest drawing stars. Is it possible for a new, upstart promotion to compete with Vince? What about TNA or ROH? Hear Flair's thoughts on the ROH product as well as why Piper briefly went to TNA in between WWE stints. Does MMA stand a chance at overtaking wrestling completely? What does each man see as the main differences between the two products? What makes a money interview and what's missing from most TV interviews today? Both men talk about today's scripted, micromanaged form of TV interviews versus the more ad-lipped, spontaneous interviews of their day. Hear their honest compliments and criticisms of Vince McMahon. They also go in depth talking about today's superstars versus the superstars of yesterday, WWE as a television show and a brand name ver