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Ron Simmons Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Ron Simmons is grid iron great that has become an enormously successful professional wrestler. Ron speaks very candidly about the racial discrimination he faced while in WCW, you will not believe the type of environment he experienced. Here are some of the questions/topics we asked him about:

  • Were you a fan growing up?
  • Can you talk about your high school and college football careers?
  • Any good recruiting stories?
  • Memories of Bobby Bowden
  • Memories of your CFL career
  • Memories of the USFL
  • Did you think you had a solid chance of winning the Heisman?
  • Were steroids big in football during the times you played
  • How tough was it mentally when you were cut by the Browns
  • Training with Hiro Matsuda and how that started.
  • Did any of your former teammates give you a hard time about being a wrestler
  • Memories of your first matches
  • Memories of Mike Graham
  • Were there any times early on that you were discouraged and wanted to quit and if so, why?
  • Did you encounter any racism early on in your career
  • Memories of working with Kareem Muhammed
  • Memories of Bad News Allen
  • Memories of Barry Windham
  • How did you wind up going to Crockett in 1988
  • Did Bill Watts ever try and pick you up for the UWF when he was in business
  • Memories of Eddie Gilbert
  • How did you fit into the locker room at Crockett
  • How did Flair treat you
  • Memories of Jim Herd
  • Who were your traveling partners at the time
  • Memories of Paul Heyman
  • Memories of Terry Funk
  • Who's idea was it to put you and Butch Reed together
  • Why the masks when a lot of people who knew you guys were anyway?
  • Thoughts on working the Steiners
  • What were the politics like at WCW
  • Were the Road Warriors hard to work with
  • Is it true that one of the Steiners punched the other in the eye legit to give him a black eye to sell your angle?
  • Could you sense the tension between Flair and Herd
  • You guys were jobbed out by all of the teams at Starrcade 89 at a time when you guys were red hot. Is there a story behind that or was it just bad booking?
  • Memories of being managed by Teddy Long
  • Whose idea was it to take him from ref to your manager?
  • Thoughts on Ole Anderson as booker during this time?
  • Who's idea was it to get the masks off of you guys and were you for it?
  • Thoughts on Lex Luger as the top guy at the time?
  • Memories o