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Rocky Johnson Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF Video sat down with Rocky Johnson on 10/22/04 in Long Island, NY for a shoot interview on his entire life and career.

Here is a partial list of topic we talked with Rocky about:

-What was it like growing up as a descendant of a slave
-What kind of stories did your father pass down to you about slavery, etc that he may have gotten from his father, grandfather, etc?
-What was it like growing up during segregation
-How did you get into working out, fitness
-What is your boxing background
-How did you break into wrestling
-Biggest misconceptions before you got in?
-What was the training like?
-As a black man wrestling during the 60s, what kind of obstacles did you face
-Memories of the Tolos brothers
-Memories of working Maple Leaf Gardens
-Do you think the wrestlers or the promoters were more racist towards you
-Memories of sparring with George Foreman
-Memories of working in California
-Memories of Roy Shire
-Memories of Freddie Blassie
-Thoughts on Mil Mascaras
-did you wrestle on the night JFK was shot and if so, memories
-Early memories of working with Pat Patterson
-Do you find it ironic that years later Pat would be instrumental to your son's success
-Memories of Ray Stevens
-Early memories of the Briscoes
-Thoughts on Jim Barnett
-Memories of the Georgia territory
-Memories of working in the Florida territory
-Memories of working with JJ Dillon
- Did the favoritism of Mike Graham b other the boys?
-Thoughts on Eddie Graham
-Memories of teaming with Pedro Morales
-You and Pat Patterson worked a lot of territories together. Was that coincidence?
-Memories of working with a young Masa Saito
-Memories of working with Curtis Iakea
-Memories of working with a young Bruiser Brody
-Memories of working with Bob Roop? He was a shooter, did he try and screw around with you
-Memories of Dusty Rhodes, did you think hed become so powerful later on
-Do you think Dusty stole his gimmick from Thunderbolt Patterson
-Memories working for Joe Blanchard, thoughst on Joe
-Memories of teaming with Jose Lothario
-Memories of working with a young Stan hansen
-Memories of Superstar Graham in and out of the ring in Texas
-Thoughts on the Funks
-Memories of your first trip to Memphis
-Thoughts on Lawler and Jarrett
-You have gone back to Memphis a lot over the last 30 years, memories, thoughts, favorite opponents, least fav opponents, fav angles.
-Thoughts on Tommy Rich
-Memories of Paul Orndorff from your days in Tensessee
-Memories of David Schultz
-Memories of Jimmy Valiant in and out of the ring
-Thoughts on the Fargos
-You had a brief tour of Central States, any memories or thoughts? Working with Bulldog Brower?
-Thoughts on Lou Thesz
-After so many succesful years as Rocky Johnson, why did you put a mask on in the Mid Atlantic area?
-Thoughts on the Crocketts
-Memories of your time there
-Memories of your series with Greg Valentine
-Memories of Roddy Piper
-At what point in your career do you think drugs became pretty crazy among the boys?
-Did you ever work with Peter Maivia before you started dating his daughter
-How did he react to you dating his daughter?
-How about her mother? She was a powerful promoter back in her day in Hawaii
-Did y