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Rikishi Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of wrestling's most well known and traveled stars sat downto conduct an exclusive shoot interview that covered every facet of his long career. Rikishi, well known to WWE and TNA fans, walked us through a life that included growing up in a wrestling family and working several high profile territories such as World Class and the USWA before getting his big break as part of the well remembered Samoan Swat Team in the NWA. The son of Wild Samoan Siki and the cousin of Samu, Rikishi described exactly what it was like to be a second generation wrestler along with the obstacles he had to face when breaking into the business.

After spending a good amount of time in the NWA, Rikishi was able to tell us a ton of great road stories that included such people as Paul Heyman and the Steiner Brothers. He also opened up about what it was like being in the locker room with so many legendary wrestlers and specifically described how Ric Flair was obsessively into his Nature Boy character. All the major feuds that the S.S.T. were in get their due here, including the classic brawls with the Road Warriors, the Midnight Express, the Steiners, and Dr.Death Steve Williams. We even got Keesh to talk about the Dynamic Dudes!

Once inside the WWE, Rikishi got stuck with one lame gimmick after another and we got him to tell us what is was like working as the Sultan and the ridiculous "inspirational" street member. Eventually he was given the character of Rikishi and we discussed all the major angles and people he worked with along with what was going on in the locker room and on the road. You'll get stories talking about the Hardy Boyz, the Rock, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Too Cool, Undertaker, Kane, Edge, John Cena, and many more. You'll find out why Rikishi had heat with Jim Ross and what 'Keesh really thinks of Johnny Ace. In fact, Rikishi used this opportunity to send a message to Ace!

Just a wonderful interview that even covered Rikishis brief run in TNA. Fans of WWE will love this DVD as it has so many stories featuring all the top guys, but youll also hear about a ton of other notable guys including Bruiser Brody, the Von Erichs, Eric Embry, Jerry Jarrett, Michael Hayes, Jim Herd, Oliver Humperdink, Lex Luger, Sting, Owen Hart, Mil Mascares, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. Are the rumors true that Rikishi would use a smelly pair of tights when delivering the stink face to certain wrestlers? How much did The Cliq affect his career? Who was the person who came up with the leap off the cage against Val Venus? Was it always the plan for Rikishi to be the one who ran down Steve Austin? Youll get the answers to all of these questions and a whole lot more in this amazing new shoot!

Memories of growing up in a wrestling family
How soon did you know you wanted to be a wrestler
Who trained you
What do you remember about your brothers success in the WWF
How open about the business were your Uncles growing up
Is it true you were a street dancer as a kid
Is it true you were involved in a drive-by shooting
What was the hardest thing about training
Is it true that you w