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Rick Martel Shoot Interview

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Behold! The very first shoot interview to reek of arrogance!

Rick Martel, former member of the Can-Am Connection and Strike Force stopped by to record an incendiary new shoot interview, the first "The Model" has ever done! Trust us, this shoot is hot and you won't believe the subjects Martel shared his thoughts on. A former AWA World Heavyweight champion, multiple time WWF Tag Team champion and WCW television champion pedigree shows that "the Model" has been around the block and been a major player at each stop along the way.





Let Rick take you all over the wrestling map in the '70s, '80s and '90s. From beating Jumbo Tsuruta for the AWA title and beating Mr. Fuji for the Commonwealth championship in New Zealand, to losing a loser leaves town match to Playboy Buddy Rose. Rick Martel has been everywhere, and just when you thought he was finished, made a sensational comeback out of nowhere for WCW in 1998. Martel brings a fresh perspective when asked about his heyday in the World Wrestling Federation. You'll hear all the stories about Rick's feuds with Tatanka, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Hart Foundation and Nick Bockwinkel along with Martel talking about the infamous "Arrogance" perfume and the "Yes, I am a model" pin. All the classics are covered, including WrestleRock! On a more serious note, Martel laid all the cards on the table when talking about Bruiser Brody, Dino Bravo, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and everything else from the insane wrestling scene of the '80s. 



Let's face it, Rick is the only wrestler on Earth who could come out to the song "Girls in cars" without making you want to barf and you are going to love listening to a true French Canadian talking about the state of wrestling from the '70s to today. Road stories, WrestleMania 3, the infamous blindfold match at WrestleMania 7, WWE hall of fame, and a look back at Martel's entire career. Yes, this is truly the definitive Rick Martel interview and you can find it in the new release section.

  • Were you a fan growing up
  • Who did you like watching
  • How did you wind up in the business
  • Talk about your brother if you can for a minute
  • What do you remember about spending time on the road with your brother before you got in the bus