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Rick Titan Wrestling With Consciousness Book - Autographed

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Paperback Edition

126 Pages

Wrestling with Consciousness is based on the inner struggle any being in this world must endure when a lifestyle that is enjoyed comes to an abrupt halt. Through the fame and pain of a former athlete/entertainer, we are allowed a glimpse into the egomaniacal industry of professional wrestling and the antidote: finding peace and calm. From one extreme to the next, Titan shares his methods of how he amazingly transitioned back into society by finding compassion and happiness through meditation and spiritual practice. Perfect for these times, this book gives many different tools on how to pull yourself out of emotional quicksands.

Rick Titan's professional wrestling career spanned 10 years until his neck was fractured in two places. He worked in Stampede Wrestling, FMW, ECW, NJPW and WWE.

Rick has taken up study in Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga and has studied with Yogacharya, learning coach and Budhist Monks over recent years. He is now public speaking on topics related to his book.