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Jason Knight Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The legendary legacy of ECW has been celebrated, retold and relived many times over since its untimely demise in 2001.  We have heard from stars from The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Raven and all the hardcore stars that put the company on the map but up till now you have never heard from a man that was there from the start, the sexiest man alive Jason Knight.  In this exclusive first time ever interview, RF VIDEO sits down with the former ECW TV champion and gets his unique take on everything that transpired during his time in ECW.
Jason Knight was part of ECW from the early days of the bingo hall and witnessed and played a role in the astronomical rise of the company  that many thought would never make it. Jason worked with many of the hardcore icons who came thru the doors of the famous ECW arena and watched the rise of so many others as well.  He lived the hardcore lifestyle and had a front row seat for all the controversy that came along with it.  In this explosive interview Jason will tell you what it was like to work with Paul Heyman and give his take on how Paul Heyman changed as the company exploded and changed the wrestling landscape.  Jason will take you behind the curtain and give you his memories including the night he was arrested at the Mid Hudson Civic Center and how those in the locker room reacted to the incident. Jason will tell you what life on the road with ECW was really like, including one wild night on the road in Indianapolis with New Jack.  He will tell you about his numerous departures and returns into ECW and his tumultuous relationship with Paul Heyman We also go into his prolific run as part of the Impact Players with Justin Credible and Lance Storm, his relationship with Nichole Bass.  We also discuss with Jason some of his memorable matches including those with Jazz, Pitbulls, Mikey Whipwreck and so many other stars of ECW, including his blood bath with Tommy Dreamer.
Of course Jason career did not start in ECW, we also discuss his early days in Florida with Kevin Sullivan and his time on TV with Vince McMahon's WWF.  The rise to fame for Jason Knight did not however come without a price, as he has dealt with numerous personal demons thur out his career.  Those personal problems culminated years after his departure from wrestling stardom.  In this emotional portion of the interview, Jason discusses his bouts with depression and eventual attempt at suicide.   Jason has never spoke publicly about these issues before and this portion of the interview really took a toll on him emotionally.  He went into detail in an attempt to help others who might be having the same feeling.  He also discuses how he was able to dig himself out of that hole and put himself back on the right track.   
IN this interview with Jason Knight we cover it all.  We talk about his child hood and life in the Serbian national army, his personal fitness regime, life on the indy scene including running his own company and most importantly he tells us what it means to be the sexiest man alive!!