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Tully Blanchard Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This is definetly RF Videos most open and honest interview about the world of professional wrestling. From former original member of the 4 Horsemen to a current day man of God, this real life minister of the ring has had a unique, exciting, and unbelievable career within the squared circle. Tully goes back to yesterday about the days when he was the man in charge of Southwest Wrestling, to stories about the Von Erichs in Texas, Bill Watts in the Mid-South and others. Hear about the true demise of his tag team partner Gino Hernandez and what he believes was the real cause of his death. Tully also goes back to his early days in the NWA, to the creation of the 4 Horsemen. Hear tons more stories about Flair, Dusty and the rest of the legends from the World-Wide era. Hear about the reasons why he left the NWA for the WWF and the reasons Vince let him go as well. Tully also dives into the darkside of the business with stories of his drug use, which led into his eventual change to the person he is today. Tully has a message for all, and whether you agree or not, you must respect his message because he has seen, done, and overcome all in the ring and out