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Too Cold Scorpio Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF Video sat down with Too Cold Scorpio on 10/17/04 in Philadelphia, PA to discuss his entire career from beginning to present day.
Scorpio talks about working from New Japan to Mexico to WCW to ECW to the WWF. Scorpio gives his thoughts on many of the wrestlers he worked with and the angles he was involved in.

Here is a partial list of questions we asked Too Cold Scorpio in this interview.

-Thoughts on workin the Nasty Boys?
-What was it like being there live for the Cactus-Vader match where he lost his ear?
-Thoughts on Road Warrior Hawk? what happened in japan
-Fav guys to go on the road with in WCW? Good road stories
-Good Japan road stories, ribs?
-Thoughts on Tom Zenk?
-How was Ric Flair received when he returned?
-Memories of Steve Austin back then, did you think hed be successful?
-Who was your favorite and least favorite booker back then?
-Problems with Sting wearing the Scorpion symbol
-Memories of the incident between Arn and Syd? (If he doesnt mention it ask if any other wrestlers helped or heard, pry for Flair and Steamboat ga ga)
-Were you there when Vader and Orndorff got into it?
-Thoughts on Bischoff?
-What lead to you leaving?
-What were your original intentions?
-Had you had any talks with Vince?
-Memories working Otani?
-Fav and least fav opponents in Japan?
-Were you hesitant about goin to ECW since it was so new?
-Thoughts on working Sabu?
-How bad did the drugs get in ECW
-Thoughts on Paul Heyman as booker?
-Problem with Mr Hughes
-Do you think the NWA Title tournament deal at the end was a work?
-Thoughts on going heel in ECW?
-Thoughts on teaming with Sandman?
-Was it hard working with younger and less experienced talent in ECW?
-Thoughts on workin with Jericho in ECW?
-Thoughts on workin with Shane in ECW?
-Thoughts on workin the Steiners
-Thoughts on working RVD?
-Thoughts on Taz?
-Taz breaking his neck
-Missy Hyatt
-How did you wind up goin into the WWF?
-Were you originally slated to be paired with Funk from the beginning?
-What were your expectations going into the WWF?
-Thoughts on Vince?
-Compare Vince, Eric, and Heyman?
-You did a Tokyo Pro show after you debuted in WWF, how was that possible?
-Memories of the Korea show?
-Do you feel you were mislead in the WWF about your push?
-Would you consider your run a failure there?
-How bad was the drug scene there and yourself?
-Were you upset you only had a dark match at Mania against Billy Gunn?
-Who were your fav and least fav WWF opponents?
-You had a lot of matches against Billy Gunn, thoughts?
-Thoughts on your matches with Vader?
-Thoughts on the whole deal between Bret and Shawn at Survivor Series 97?
-Thoughts on Shawn Michaels?
-Thoughts on teaming with and wrestling Funk?
-When you went back to ECW for those few shows, did you hold back at all? Were you afraid of getting hurt since you had a WWF contract?
-Thoughts on your one wrestlemania ppv appearance with Blackman as your partner
-What happened at Wrestlemania weekend with you and your wife?
-How did it end with you in WWF?
-Any regrets?
-Thoughts on working All Japan?
-Thoughts on Mrs. Baba
-Do you think Johnny Ace is overrated?
-Thoughts on the Heroes of Wrestling PPV, were drugs bad at the show?
-Thoughts on Misawa, Kawada, Taue, Akiyama, and Kobashi
-How did you wind up in Noah
-Pros and cons of Noah?
-Do you think you deserve more of a main event push in Noah
-Thoughts on the state of the business?
-Thoughts on some of the young guys he has worked with or seen on the indys or Japan?
-Do you think that the art of being a high flying wrestler is lost on todays new generation of indy guys?
-Are you still a big partier?
-As a drug user what were your thoughts on Jake Roberts in Beyond the Mat?
-Would you ever do shoot fighting?
-Does it bother you when your name is often left out among