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Steve Corino Shoot Interview Volume 1 DVD-R

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In all of the shoots we have ever done this is the funniest. Well, you have been warned. Steve Corino is the future of this business. He is one of the best talkers in the business. In this shoot he talks about how he got started in the business. He talks about all the different Indy promotions that he has worked for like the NWA. He talks about his trips to Puerto Rico and Memphis. You will hear what Jim Ross said to him at the WWF dojo and how he was horrible during promos. I swear Jim Ross told him that. He will tell you how the WWF wanted him to do the XPAC gimmick. Then I don't know what went wrong but Steve talks about working for New Japan and All Japan. He talks about being Jushin Liger's tag partner. Steve swears in this interview that he was in the NWA as the yellow dog. He also talks about wrestling in the Omni. There are a ton of great funny stories that Steve Corino swears by that he was involved in. You be the judge of what is the truth and what is a bunch of hog wash. I must say this is very entertaining. He talks about how he got into ECW and what he thinks of Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette. He talks about his NWA vs ECW feud. He also swears that Brusier Brody was scared of him. Steve Corino fans will love this tape as Steve is at his best.