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Steve Corino 2001 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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">-How he got started.
-Corino tells who taught him the most early in his career.
-Working Billy Kidman in ECWA.
-What working for Jim Ketner and ECWA was like.
-Driving with Jeff Jarrett and Tom Prichard when he first started.
-Teaming with Simon Diamond and being managed by Dawn Marie on the indy scene.
-All the details of working dark matches in WWF in 1996.
-Being in WWF when ECW did the first invasion angle in the mid-nineties.
-How did he become the fan that Crush beat up in WWF?
-Corino talks about how Vince McMahon treated him.
-Who was cool to him in WWF and who wasnt?
-All the details on going to Memphis and working in USWA.
-What was it like working with PG-13 and Dutch Mantel as booker.
-Going to OMEGA & Puerto Rico.
-What was it like to work Val Venis in Puerto Rico.
-The scoop on working for NWA when Tod Gordon did the ECW invasion angle.
-Corino takes you inside the Funkin Dojo in 1998 where he trained with Kurt Angle, Test, Shawn Stasiak, Steve Williams, Chris Daniels and Crowbar under Dory Funk.
-Did he think the Funkin Dojo would land him a WWF contract?
-How did he feel when he didnt get one?
-Corino gives all the details of his ECW run including his first impressions of the locker room and who got him in.
-Memories of his early matches against Tommy Dreamer on house shows.
-What was Taz like to work with?
-How did other ECW veterans like Sabu treat him?
-Corino holds nothing back when he talks about his relationship with Paul Heyman and why the relationship went sour.
-Thoughts on working with Tajiri, Rhino and Jack Victory.
-The scoop on the backstage heat he had with Lance Storm.
-All the details on working with Fred Durst when he crashed the Limp Bizkit concert.
-Corino gives all the info on working with Dusty Rhodes.
-What was it like to work with Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible?
-Did bleeding so much eventually hurt his career?
-All the info on being the world title and working against The Sandman.
-You wont believe how the match where he won the belt almost got messed up.
-Where would The New Impact Players gimmick have gone if ECW stayed in business?
-Memories of life on the road with ECW.
-His reaction to when Dave Meltzer published how much he was making in The Observer.
-Are there still bad feelings between him and Paul Heyman?
-Why is he listed as being owed no money on ECWs bankruptcy creditors report?
-All the details on going to Japan for Zero-One.
-The inside info on being NWA champion and working for the NWA.
-Corino talks about present day life on the indy scene including going to England and Puerto Rico.
-He gives the scoop on what happened between him and Buff Bagwell at the MECW show.
-Lots of info on running his own promotion, the PWF.
-Why did he sell PWF?
-Working for Dusty Rhodes in TCW.
-lots more!!!