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The Sandman Shoot Interview Volume 2 DVD-R

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">-Final days of his last run in ECW.
-Feuds with Sabu, Raven, Dudleys and Justin Credible.
-The rise of ECW including the first PPV.
-His locker room fight against Shane Douglas.
-Relationship with Tod Gordon, Bill Alfonso and Too Cold Scorpio.
-Why did he leave ECW for WCW?
-How was he treated because of his reputation?
-Does he feel he was misused in WCW?
-His views on WCW politics.
-How was wrestling without drinking?
-His opinion of the infamous junkyard match.
-Why he left WCW and returned to ECW.
-His ECW Arena return.
-The details of his feud against Rhino and The Impact Players.
-How did Paul and the locker room treat him?
-Feud against The Network.
-The scoop on a locker room fight with New Jack.
-Sandman gives his opinion on the XPW incident.
-The downfall of ECW.
-Current life on the indy scene.
-As always Sandman is honest and controversial on these topics and others.