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The Sandman 2007 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Time to crack open a few cold ones and get ready for one of the best shoot interviews of the year as THE SANDMAN has returned home and gave an exclusive shoot interview covering his time in WWE and the "new" ECW. This was RF VIDEO's fourth shoot with the extreme icon and, truth be told, this is could be the best one yet! Hak covered his entire WWE experience; from being contacted about appearing on the legendary One Night Stand PPV and it's follow up, being offered a full time contract to work in the ECW revamp, and everything up to and including his recent release. 
We got Hak to talk on the record about everything that happened when he was offered a full time job within the WWE circus and he gave us a first hand account of everything that went on behind the scenes. How was Paul Heyman dealing with the ECW that Vince McMahon wanted? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the new ECW? What does Sandman think of CM Punk, Mike Knox, Kelly Kelly, and the other new talents on the ECW roster? Why didn't Sandman want to work with Test? What was the experience like working the major PPVs and the top guys in WWE? Hak answered these and many more questions in the straight forward and hilarious method that all of his fans enjoy. Sandman is one of those few wrestlers that could do a hundred interviews and each one would be a pleasure to listen to. 
We got Sandman's take on what went down at the original One Night Stand, including the infamous beating of Blue Meanie at the hands of JBL. We got Sandman to talk about what it was like to work with Johnny Ace and Steph and what he thought about the punishment Rob Van Damn and Sabu received after getting busted for smoking pot. Everything you could possibly think of is covered in this fantastic shoot including Hak's emotional reaction to the Benoit tragedy. ECW fans will remember that Nancy Benoit was Sandman's former valet and Hak opened up on that story along with his thoughts on the effects of steroids and drugs in the world of professional wrestling, including his surprising views on legalizing marijuana. 
But that's not all! Sandman talked about what it was like working on the Hardcore Homecoming tour, tells his side of an oft-rumored story between what happened between him and Ricky Steamboat on a plane trip, described what went down in Africa and why WWE took him off the show, and even gives his opinion on the independent wrestling scene today, including great detail on groups such as CZW and PWU. This is a MUST HAVE shoot for fans of The Sandman and anyone who would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes in WWE today. You couldn't ask for a better speaker and Hak brings the goods in this latest release from RF VIDEO.

 How were you contacted about the first one night stand

what did you expect going into it
Did anybody like yourself have any input in it
How much of it was Paul and how much of it do you think were other writers
Are you surprised that it was RVD's idea
Before that happened, did indy dates start slowing down
Who did you hear from first about working the ECW reunion show? Shane or WWE
Who pressured you more to pull off of the other
What was the reaction from the WWE crew when you and some other ex ECW guys started showing up at TV and doing the