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Roddy Piper Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Oh yeah brother, RF Video conducted one of its biggest shoot interviews ever as the crew sat down with the one and only "Rowdy" Roddy Piper!!! This five hour shoot takes you on journey through Piper's career. A write up can't possibly do this incredible interview justice as Piper is an open book in talking about it all from the beginning of his career to the first Wrestlemania to WCW all the way up to his current run in WWE. Get ready to take a trip into the mind of "The Rowdy One" with this insane shoot! Topics include:

-Getting into the business
-Early matches
-Coming up with the name Roddy Piper
-Working in Kansas City
-Working for Fritz Von Erich
-Wrestling in California
-The hypnosis gimmick
-Meeting Andy Kaufman
-Wrestling at MSG in 1979
-Going to Portland
-Turning babyface for the first time
-Thoughs on Don Owen
-Feuding with Buddy Rose
-Doing commentary with Gordon Solie in the Carolinas
-Problems with Ole Anderson
-Memories of feuding with Ric Flair over the U.S. Title
-Memories of feuding with Greg Valentine & the dog collar match at Starrcade
-Going to WWF?
-Memories of debuting as the manager for David Schultz
-Thoughts on the fact Vince wanted Roddy to be a manager
-Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
-Working against Andre
-Memories of starting Piper's Pit
-The famous Pit segment with Jimmy Snuka and their feud
-Working with Cyndi Lauper
-The "War to Settle the Score" on MTV
-Refusing to do jobs to Hoagn
-Memories of the first Wrestlemania
-Thoughts on Vince putting everything on the line with Wrestlemania
-Working with Mr. T
-Crossing party lines to work for Don Owen right after the first Wrestlemania
-Thoughts on Saturday Night's Main Event
-Working with and against Paul Orndorrff
-Opinion on the fact that people always credit Vince & Hogan as the guys who made wrestling
-Drug problems in the WWF
-Talks about the secret workout prior to his boxing match with Mr. T and that everybody was nervous when the realized he had no boxing ability
-Refusing to lose to Mr. T at Wrestlemania 2
-Walking out in the middle of a hot run to renegotiate his contract
-Memories of wrestling Bruno
-The Piper's Pit vs. The Flower Shop and his feud with Adrian Adonis
-Feuding with Don Muraco & Bob Orton
-His decision to retire after Wrestlemania 3
-The Piper's Pit with Morton Downy Jr. at Wresltemania
-His match with Badness Brown where he painted himself half black
-Working as a commentator
-Ric Flair coming to WWF and their feud
-Memories of teaming with Hogan against Flair & Syd
-Putting Bret Hart over for the I-C Title
-His Wresltemania match with Goldust and getting injured
-Why he left WWF
-Going to WCW
-Beating Hogan at Starrcade 96 in a non title match
-Behind the scenes politics in WCW
-The NWO
-Eric Bischoff
-Discussions of working a program with Raven
-Getting injured in WCW and wrestling hurt
-Being fired without finishing the remaining dates on your contract
-His lawsuit against them for age discrimination
-Working for NWA TNA
-Returning to WWE at Wrestlemania 20
-Opinion on Dave Meltzer
-The tragic deaths of several of his friends in wrestling
-Leaving wrestling for the movies
-Changes in the business over the years
-All this and much, much more!!!