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Jazz & Rodney Mack Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF Video is proud to present a rare Shoot Interview. We sat down with one of pro wrestling's most successful married couples to talk about their careers, life outside of the ring, and what it takes to keep a successful wrestling marriage together. Additionally, hear a side to a wrestling hall of famer that you won't hear anywhere else. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents the Jazz and Rodney Mack Shoot Interview.


Jazz is regarded as one of the most talented female pro wrestlers in the business. Jazz has traveled all over the world and has competed in some of the biggest events in wrestling history, including WrestleMania 17. Jazz opens up in this rare interview about the major hurdles she had to jump through as both an African American and a female wrestler to become a success in the wrestling business. From racism to sexual harassment, Jazz has a tremendous story of success told here in this RF Video Shoot Interview.


Rodney Mack's pro wrestling lineage goes back further than his days in ECW and the WWE. Rodney is the nephew of the late WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, the Junkyard Dog. Rodney has some great stories about JYD which have never been told before. What was it like growing up the nephew of one of wrestling's biggest stars? Rodney tells you about it. Rodney also opens up training with JYD and has some great stories about breaking in under one of wrestling's most controversial characters.


Both Jazz and Rodney talk about their runs in ECW. Both talk about how they got into ECW, and integrating into the locker room. Both also talk about the fall of ECW and what the loss of ECW meant to them. Was there heat between Rodney and New Jack over Jack's incident with JYD?  Were they surprised or did they see it coming? What were the last days of the original ECW like? What would they change if they could have? What are their thoughts on Paul Heyman and his role in their careers? Hear all of the tales about the legendary stars of the original ECW, the road stories, ribs, and more from this wrestling couple.


Both also talked about their journeys in the WWE. For Jazz, it was success where as Rodney struggled. Rodney gets very emotional as he reflects back on mistakes made in the WWE. Rodney is also very vocal about two individuals that he didn't like one bit in the WWE. Who are they and why do they feel the wrath of Rodney Mack. How did Rodney going from being such a big heel in the White Boy Challenge to being relegated to opening the shows in a matter of a few months and why? Rodney also tells a great story about refusing to do a job for one of the WWE's biggest stars and the aftermath of that incident.