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Honky Tonk Man 2004 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF Video joined up with the Honky Tonk Man once again for another addition to the Shoot Interview series. Honky talks openly about just about everything to ensure #2 beats out the very first interview done in the past. Here are some questions we asked the Honky Tonk Man.
-What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?
-Why do you think you have such a controversial reputation?
-Is it deserved?
-Let's talk about some recent names you've come out against ---
-You had an issue with Mick Foley over him writing in his book that you hurt Jake Roberts' neck with your guitar- why was that?
-Have you spoken to him since?
-What are your thoughts on Foley the person and the worker?
-You came out against Ric Flair for complaining about fans using insider terms? Why?
-Is it OK for fans to use those terms?
-You wrote on your website that if Arn Anderson didn't party so much with Flair, he wouldn't have needed rehab. Was that said to get heat or were you serious?
-What are your thoughts on Arn and Flair as people and workers?
-What was your reaction when you heard about the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Flair and the other WWE stars by the airline attendants?
-Have you read Flair's book?
-What happened with you and Roddy Piper regarding the independent show he promoted?
-Why did you post emails that he sent you on your website?
-What is your opinion on Piper as a person and worker?
-You were very outspoken when WWE released Kevin Nash - what are your thoughts on him and his work?
-What was your reaction to the death of Elizabeth and some of your memories of working with her when you feuded with Randy Savage?
-What do you think has caused the rash of deaths of personalities from the 1980s?
-When Hulk Hogan walked out on WWE, you compared it to when you left WCW - explain why you felt that way?
-What do you think of Hogan and when was the last time you spoke to him?
-Do you think he will work with WWE again?
-Why have you been outspoken against those like Ted DiBiase who mix wrestling and religion?
-Why do you call them the "Oh Brother" tour?
-Do you feel those who are born-again Christians are hypocrites?
-Is there anyone you think is legitimate in his religious beliefs?
-How do you feel about the WWE putting some prestige back into the WWE Intercontinental championship?
-What do you think of the new crop of stars like Randy Orton?
-Did you think they were going to try and break your record with Orton?
-Is there anyone you think WWE should be pushing that they haven't used right?
-What do you think of the rash of neck injuries in the company?
-What can be done to prevent them?
-Would you want to go back there?
-What role would you want to play in today's WWE if they came to you asking for ideas?
-What are your thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame?
-Is there anyone in there who doesn't deserve to be mentioned?
-Would you ever want to be inducted?
-What are your thoughts on NWA:TNA?
-Do they have a chance to be a viable competitor?
-Have they ever approached you about coming in?
-How do you feel about Jeff Jarrett using the guitar every week?
-Let's talk about your website. You are very outspoken on it - do you ever worry about backlash?
-Explain what your "Ass Whipping List" is?
-What are your opinions on Internet writers?
-Are there any that are credible?
-What should wrestling writers do to be credible?
-Talk about your recent tour of Switzerland -who did you work with over there?
-What independent promotions do you like working for?
-Do you think there are some good indy promoters out there or do they all want to be dimestore Vince McMahons?
-What are some of the bad independent wrestling experiences you have had?
-Is it true you once left a scheduled booking in New Jersey because no one came to pick you up at the hotel, so you flew home?
-Thoughts on working for the IWF promotion in New Jersey?
-What are your th